Saturday, 27 March 2010

Butterfly art for my daughter

I used an Ikea Ribba frame, some foam core to make it more of a shadow box, sparkly letters and colour chip samples from the paint store. I made this for her for her upcoming 12th birthday. Her bedroom is black, white and red.
The two red butterflies represent her an I. She is the lone butterfly, flying in a different direction. I am in the pack, amongst her family and friends, who will always be there for her as she journeys through life.

Although this is an older project, I’m linking up to Fireflies and Jellybean’s Iron Crafter party. The theme is paint chips and this one fits the theme perfectly.

iron crafter 1


  1. I think it looks great!! I love how there's just two red butterflies.. and I love those letters!!

  2. Oh, you HAVE to show us more on the butterflies! Those are fantastic!

  3. ohhh ahhhhh :) I love that! What a great idea for those punches that we all have stored up....I have a awesome one of a fairy....hmmmm the possibilities . Another great craft! Thanks for the inspiration!

    p.s. I posted a part two....about the thanks for you kind words :)

  4. WOW. how beautiful and the meaning behind it makes it even more special... you are so creative!

  5. Very nice. How did you make the butterflies? How large are they? I've been thinking of making a butterfly picture of some kind for DD2's new home.

    Hope you'll drop by AtticMag to give JaneT some advice on making a bench from a vintage bed. #81 on Met Monday.


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  7. I actually forgot that you made these out of paint chips until I saw it on Fireflies and Jellybeans! I still love this project.