Saturday, 25 February 2012

Creating craft storage

My craft room is gone, so I had to do some creative re-arranging to find space for my supplies.

I removed the shelving from the basement and installed it in my bedroom closet.


There is plenty of room for all of my supplies as well as cushion forms and fabric. A few of the containers are still empty, so room for more :)

My clothes are still here; I removed my dresser from the closet and put it in my bedroom.



I had this bench made many years ago, intended for my kitchen, but I never used it. It fits into the nook in my dining room pretty good.


Some rearranging occurred between my kitchen and dining room, swapping the table and McGyvering a smaller table for the kitchen.


The bench and table will be redone to match my coffee table.


The two things that I use the most, had to be close at hand; my cricut and my sewing machine. Perfect storage for them in the bench.


And a new chandelier, waiting to be hung.


All of this has to wait while I get the basement ready for my sister. Almost done. It has been a lot of work, purging, cleaning, carpeting, painting. I think the purging part is my favourite :)


  1. Love the butterflies on the bin!

  2. purging is my favorite part too :O)
    The chandelier is soo pretty Mel can't wait to see what you do with the craftroom transformation. I know it will be warm and inviting and classy.

  3. Somehow I never get around to the 'purging', could be why the 'hoarding' seems imminent. I may just have to break down and have a garage sale this year. I love your bench, awesome storage, and am completely jealous of your chandelier.

    It feels like I've been painting furniture for years but in reality I'm very lazy and only do it in short bursts, rarely on a work day. It's a shame you don't live next door, you could pop over and borrow some thread. Happy sewing!

  4. Have to do the purging...I know it will look beautiful, you have some great things to work with.

  5. Love that bench. It has some great storage. Good luck on the continued great job you are doing on moving & rearranging your craft supplies.

    Thank you for you nice comments about my new blog header. I'm now also following via LF.

  6. have a lot of stuff going on!! good luck with everything!! Isn't it fun when you rearrange and it looks just perfect?!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Happy march!