Saturday, 25 January 2014

Starting a collection – Blue and White ceramics

Thrift stores provide an abundance of items that allow you to start a collection at little cost. All of these pieces were found within a two week span, the most expensive at $6 and the least expensive at $1, if found on 50% off day at the GW Boutique.

This is the largest piece and the most expensive (ha ha) at $6. It measures 16" tall and is one of my favourites.

Plates in all sizes are usually a buck or two. My hope is to find enough to create an organic wall display someday.

I found a set a five pieces with the same pattern, originally from Pier1. I thought it was a little unusual that there were two canisters, one with a mismatched lid, a bowl, a soap dish and a bathroom cup all in one set; not sure why you would have matching items in your kitchen AND bathroom.

There are some vases, plant pots and other pieces that were  few dollars each, but nothing too special. They will serve as filler pieces in the future. What I need are some bigger pieces, like large urns, an umbrella stand and I would love to find a pair of ceramic garden stools.
For less than 40 dollars, it’s a good beginning. A trip into Chinatown in Toronto is planned for the spring. Until then, I keep my eyes open when I troll the isles of thrift stores.


  1. Awesome finds. I need to go shopping with you!

  2. Oh I LOVE blue and white ceramic pieces, and they are timeless! They also look so good with gold. Thanks for sharing!