Sunday, 19 April 2015

High/Low: Pagoda Mirror

One of my favourite features of Style At Home Magazine, is their monthly High/Low column.

As someone that loves a great deal, I test myself to see if I can pick out the which is which. Sadly, even their low items are outside of my comfort zone. Instead, I cruise the resell classifieds.

I get such a thrill when I find something that is a phenomenal deal. Clearly I can’t buy everything that I see, as much as I would like to, especially when I think it is something that I can make a few bucks on.

Here is my version of High/Low, with a Pagoda Mirror, but unlike Style at Home, I am going to list the high and then the low…


1st Dibs (crazy pricing)

pagoda mirror 2575.00

CircaWho (better, but still pricey)

1600 at circawho

Bombay & Co (not exactly the same, but the same look, currently at 50% off – Canadian dollars)

Bombay 299



Mine, found in online classifieds


The real McCoy my friends. Same as the 1st dibs and Circa Who version.  I was so excited when I found it.  It requires some repairs which are underway…stay tuned to see what I do with it.

pagoda mirror broadview heights


  1. OMG Mel, what a score!! I so agree, even if I could ever afford the high I couldn't do it, the real thrill is in the hunt for less and finding it for soooo much cheaper. The mirror you found is beautiful!! Can't wait to see the after.

  2. Wow!! Mel you are so amazing at finding these things!! It's like you're a magnet to all great deals :D lol My hats off to you my dear.

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