Monday, 5 March 2012

The reviews are in – What I like about your blog

I am taking some things to heart and making some changes.

I have added my photo and a little about me since both reviewers said they would like to see the writer. This is a difficult thing for me to do, because I don’t share a lot about myself, to anyone :)

I have removed the QR code, ‘cause yeah, it’s a little useless, especially since I don’t even have a cell phone .lol

My photo skills are lacking and I was told that I should learn Photoshop! Yep, I will, just as soon as I have time. One reviewer wrote that I posted the same images over and over, saying it was monotonous – wow, that one stung a little.

Overall, I am pleased with the recommendations and it was great to hear the positive feedback too.

It has given me reason to re-evaluate why I blog.

- I blog for me

- I have no interest in searching for a large following, opening a business, or seeking sponsors

- I’ve connected with some very nice, like minded people

- I would rather spend my time doing projects, than spending hours writing a post

- If I inspire someone, that is the icing on the cake.

Thank you Heather, for the opportunity to grow. Thank you to the reviewers for your constructive feedback.


  1. Great idea to have someone preview your blog. I think I'd be willing to give it a try. Heavens knows, it needs work! May I ask who reviewed yours?

  2. I like your blog! Glad to see a photo of you, though. I signed up for the same blog review & was told my blog is too "brown" - lol!! Oh well, can't please all of the people all of the time.

    I did get some helpful critiques and a new follower who loves my blog. Glad to hear you're pleased with your reviews.


  3. Mel, I love your blog just the way it is. I admire you for "putting it out there" to be reviewed...I could NEVER do that. ;) I'm terrible at "constructive" criticism. Just ask my husband...hahaha. If you ever want to go the photoshop route, get photoshop elements (much simpler than full-blown photoshop) and I'll be happy to share the little bit that I know. Have a good day, friend.

  4. Mel, I too love your Blog, and you have inspired me with many of your posts!! And I got to know that your family is from the East Coast, and we have that as well as other things in common! I do not find your photos bad or manotanous (I can't even spell manotanus, lol). You are very creative and a super nice person to boot!

    Kim B.

  5. It's a bit unnerving to open your self up to criticism like that, isn't it? I think it enlightens you a little about what others like, but it also makes you dig in your heels and stand up for the things YOU want to see on your blog, right? I think your photography is fine - it's your projects that always get me - you are a creative wonder! (and love the picture!)

  6. I like your style Mel.... I too do not have sponsors and am not a great writer. I like to make projects and take pictures...
    Everyone is looking for different things in blogs they follow, there is no RIGHT way to do it, just follow your own style.
    Susan :)

  7. I'm sure the reviewers are trying to help -- and it probably is a good idea to have a photo of yourself so visitors can "see" who's inspiring them when they stop by, but your blog is just fine the way it is/was. I bookmarked you a long time ago and check in at least once a week...and I've never felt it was monotonous with poor pictures. Instead, I've been inspired by your projects and encouraged to start a blog of my own (although I haven't taken that little plunge yet :)

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I love your reasons for blogging Mel! It is nice to see you too, you are just as beautiful as your blog is!

  9. Mel... I gotta tell ya, you have my respect just for going through the process. I think I'd be too chicken!

    You were one of my first followers and the first to comment so I'll always be a fan of whatever you do.

    People blog for different reasons.... and people READ blogs for different reasons. Luckily there is something out there for everyone!

    Have a great day...


  10. Personally, I'm glad you blog and you're brave to even consider opening yourself up to any review (positive or negative).

    Good for you!



  11. just had to say I love your picture and it is nice to see you face :) You're cute as a bug!

  12. glad to see your picture-i love reading your blog! i am so amazed at the amount of energy you have in getting things done-i am jealous of your lovely home and my daughter drooled over the remake of your daughters bedroom. thank you for sharing yourself!

  13. Lovely photo of you...nice to see it on your blog!