Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dollar Store Craft–updated frames

I bought these frames from the dollar store for $3 each, not sure why it’s called a dollar store when it’s more than one dollar…anyway :)

I painted them with a brush first and I have to tell you, I am confident that I’m the worst painter ever! So I spray painted them and they still aren’t perfect but they are good enough for me. The corner pieces came in a pack of 4.


I am working on updating my spare bedroom, with things that I already have in the house so that it doesn’t cost me any money. It is satisfying to make something out of nothing. I definitely need a rug and that will be a diy coming up soon.

That’s the weekend done, back to the grind. Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  1. Nice job on the frames. What the heck! I didn't know the Dollar Store had anything more than a dollar! But those are a neat shape! Sure they're worth a lot more than $3 now. :)

    Have a great day.

  2. love your new frames - they look fabulous

  3. It went too quickly didn't it? Your spare room is looking gorgeous! I'm sure you'll figure out a great DIY rug for it too. Those frames turned out great, what's up with that $3 price tag at a Dollar Store?

  4. the corners are a great idea :) I really like it, may just have to steal that idea. lol
    Can't wait to see the spare room when your done. Just know it will be awesome.

  5. I have frames that almost look exactly like that and I was just thinking the other day that they required paint. I love the corners you put on them though...perfect.

  6. I just bought four of these today - exactly the same from my local dollarama! I plan to paint them too... what a great little frame shape if you can see past the original design. I love what you did with them!!

  7. Those little corner pieces are adorable. Are they from the dollar store too, or more of a home-depot-bracket thing?

  8. Great idea to decorate from things we already have around the house. I am sure you are like me and seem to have too much to begin with. Great idea on the frames! Thank you so much for linking up your Thrifty Upcycle with us at Get Your DIY On- I hope you'll join us today and link up any spray painting projects you have had :) Have a great Sunday!

  9. Cute frames, Mel! Your spare room looks lovely, I love the wall art.