Saturday, 23 October 2010

Burlap and special cushions

Here is another coffee sack cushion, made from the same bag as the last one.

Linking up to Robin's Upcycle Party at The T-Shirt Diaries.

These next two cushions may seem ordinary, but to my friends, they are something special.
Both of them lost their fathers and miss them terribly.
I took a shirt that each of their fathers owned and turned them into cushions. I will be bringing them to their new home tonight, at their house warming party.
Obviously each man had very different style sensibilities :)


  1. Well you've been crazy busy and I missed it!

    Love the burlap and the mirrors, but I think the pillows made from the shirts are a really sweet keepsake indeed.

  2. What a thoughtful gift to make for your friends! The mirror turned out great too. for some reason my comments arent' showing up on that post.