Saturday, 30 October 2010

Face painting for Halloween

My daughter is going to a friends Halloween party tonight, and since her wolf costume is not quite complete, she will be going as a fairy.
She is wearing black wings with sparkles and gray, black and red clothing. I painted her face to match.
She’s not a grumpy gal, she just doesn’t like to have her picture taken.
There are some great costumes posted at Mad in Crafts which I’m linking up to.


  1. Holy cow, Mel, that's amazing! You're talented! And your daughter's so pretty! I hope she has fun at her party!

  2. pretty (the paint and your daughter :)

    I have a random question... Is that butterfly shadow box thing in your top banner actual butterflies or is it paper? Did you make it? Is there a fabulous tutorial somewhere, I'm pretty much in love with it, lol :)