Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas gifts–initial mugs

Following the tutorial at Design Mom, I created a bunch of mugs that will be filled with chocolates and candy canes.

Rather than use graphite paper, I used my cricut to cut out the initials on to contact paper.


Then I used a pebeo ceramic pen to trace the letter, then fill it in with lines.


Next time I will use a fine tip pen, rather than a chunky one.

They are not perfect and according to Design Mom, aren’t supposed to be *whoosh, wiping sweat from brow*, which is perfect for me.

The mugs were a dollar each at Dollorama, the pen was about $12 and once I fill and wrap them, I don’t expect them to be more than $3 each. Not bad for a personalized gift.

Here is the whole bunch…



  1. Cute! I like their quirky graphic feel. But I didn't see my "S" mug, is it already shipped?

  2. Super cute idea! Maybe I should have asked for a circuit from Santa!


  3. awesome cute idea.Really nice hand work.