Monday, 20 December 2010

I crack me up

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am lost in the culinary arts department, and I don’t mean at the local college either : >

Julie at Less-than-Perfect Life of Bliss posted the instructions on making a cheese ball snowman, and since I have to bring something into work tomorrow, I thought this would be the perfect thing!  Easy-yep, Fast-checkarooni, Yummy-youbetcha.

What Julie didn’t point out is that you have to have some presentation skills – oops! I’m sure she thought it was a given, but not for me. I’m dying of laughter here, people.

I give you my cheese-ball-snowman that looks more like a sad cockapoo.


See what I mean?


There is no way I am bringing this in to work!


  1. ok, i totally read cockatoo instead of cockapoo, so i kinda saw a cockatoo... ;) too funny! it is cute though! if i think snowman, i see snowman. :)

  2. LOL... I needed a good laugh - THANKS!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!! I'm sure it's tasty though!

  3. Ok, I did laugh. But more because of your funny writing style & your comparison to the cockapoo. Don't give up! I think maybe you just need a little practice :)

  4. You crack me up too! It's not that bad just add more cheese. I think they need to be rounder. Next time do a dessert cheese ball where you can use coconut for the snowman, it's easier!

    So what are you bringing instead?

  5. That looks wayyyyyy better than anything I could knock out.

    I think you're being too hard on yourself. It's the thought that counts.

    By the way I think I love that you posted this- I have baking disasters all the time!

    Someone has a recipe going round for chocolate dipped Oreo's with sprinkles over the top...I even buggered those up.

  6. Hahaha!! It looks great! Just a little bit of cockapoo... :)

  7. I think you should have taken it to work :) Cockapoo? Snowman? Cute either way!

  8. Re-shape it into a igloo? lol! I think its cute! Put a smile on em' and I think it is totally snowman. I would totally dig into him :)

  9. Okay, this is where you should totally embrace the cockapoo notion and make it into a Christmas puppy under the tree!

    In five bites, no one is going to have any idea what it started as. This is how half of my "unusual" ideas come to be.