Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bookcase Railing DIY

I have had dreams of removing my ugly wrought iron railing in my dining room for eons. I knew what I wanted, but had no clue how to go about getting it done. That is until I read a post by Carol at Elephant Buffet!

Using her simple method, I was ensured that this would be solid and never move, even if sat upon, but why would anyone do that?   I have left it open to allow the light to pass through. It does make my small dining room appear smaller, but that’s the price I had to pay to realize my dream.

It is primed and ready for paint. The build itself took me a couple of weekends. I tend to move a little slower these days. Menopause sucks, ladies! take it from me.




I used mdf because it was more affordable. I found the most amazing guy at Rona that cut everything down for me without a whimper, unlike the guys at HD who refuse to cut anything smaller than 7” in width. Pffttt to you HD!


My entire house was topsy turvy for 2 weeks. I don’t understand how working in one room makes the entire house a mess?


It was caulked and the nail holes were filled with wood filler. Painting underneath is so frickin hard, probably why it’s still not completed. Maybe tonight.


A huge thank you to Carol, for posting her method and for the great advice (some of which I didn’t take, like painting before adding the shelves). Next up is installing the new flooring. At least I was smart enough to remove the old flooring before the install of this. LOL


  1. That looks stunning!! So beautiful. And if you move slow.....i must be a slug. You are amazing and talented. Cant wait to see the flooring. Joy in Barrie

  2. This looks amazing! I absolutely love it! It opens up the space and makes it look light and airy...you did such an incredible job on this.