Thursday, 4 April 2013

Chalkboard art and a great GW find

My kitchen is at a standstill while I rest my wrists. I had no clue how painful carpal tunnel syndrome is until experiencing it for myself. Owww.

My daughter is grounded from her computer this week and apparently is a little bored, because she asked if she could draw something on the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  Um, yeah!


I have a self imposed moratorium on junkin’ until my kitchen is done, but I had some time to kill after work before picking my daughter up from rugby practice, so I popped in to the Goodwill close to work. I was giddy when I found this, for $20!!!


I’m not sure what I will do with it yet. Some thoughts are just hang it up as is, or use it as a headboard which would fit a double bed perfectly. Or change the colour and hang it outside, screw in some hooks, hang some small buckets and put candles in them, hmmm, maybe I could do that inside too.  Anyway, the possibilities are endless. What would you do?


  1. I love that piece. Your ideas for it are great, I'd be thinking along the same lines as you are!! Sorry about the corpul tunnel, I've had a sore wrist that throbs on occasion so I can only imagine how bad CT is! Your daughter's chalk art is great!!

  2. Very cool! Sorry about your wrists

  3. Yowch! Try not to do anything! It's so hard to recover from carpal tunnel when it gets that bad! I think I would hang that piece up somewhere. Sweet find!

  4. The possibilities are endless for sure, I think I would probably prop it up and use it as eye candy until inspiration hit in the middle of the night or early morning as it is wont to do.

    Incredible find.

  5. Your daughter is very talented! Take care of your wrists and have a great weekend!

  6. Very nice, I'd love to find this piece. I like your headboard idea or you could paint it a bright accent color for the living or dining room and add candles.

  7. That quote is one of my daughter's favorite thing to do! :) Your find is really nice, just hang it like it is... art!! Have a great weekend, Mel!

  8. Love that piece Mel! And the great thing is there are so many uses for it, you can try something now, and if you get tired of it or decide you don't like it, just try it somewhere else. I really like the headboard idea. Sorry about your wrists. I had to wear a wrist brace for a while to keep mine stationary so it could heal. No fun. :)