Sunday, 28 April 2013

Kitchen progress – the end is in sight

I have been side lined with pneumonia and wasn’t able to work on my kitchen for two weeks! It felt like an eternity because I had picked a paint colour (finally) and purchased all the new moulding, but my body had other plans for me. I’m still not good, but I am getting there.

Last night I had 3 hours of sleep in a row and felt positively rejuvenated :)  I got up bright and early and got to work.

I started by painting the ceiling and installing a new light fixture. The ceiling paint is a very light blue, barely noticeable.

Next, I cut the bamboo blind down to fit into the frame rather than outside the frame. I should have done this a long time ago, it’s made such a difference. Before it was too small for the window and I had it sort of centered, but it was weird. See what I mean?

After trying out a lot of different paint colours, I settled on French Silver by ICI paints. It is blue during the day and grey during the night, love it. I had some repairs to do to the walls, so it nearly took me all day just to get a coat of paint on.

french silver

I framed out the new pantry door and added a handle to match the cabinets.

This is the eat in area. My daughter pleaded with me not to remove the chalkboard wall and although I’m tired of it, she isn’t. I picked up some wrought iron and wicker chairs for $10 each. They work better in this space than my old chairs.

I have a few teapots that I adore, so I decided to display them together.

The tiling is next and it’s going to look smashing! I hung a couple of pieces up on nails to see what it is going to look like.

It’s coming together.

Still to do. Install the tile. Paint all of the baseboards. Get a new panel made at the end of the dishwasher as the old one is now too small, after removing so many layers of flooring. Install the same flooring in the dining room.

Oh, and clean up this mess!!!!


I hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. it's looking so good! and i love the eating nook and LOVE the chalkboard wall and am glad you kept it! :)

  2. It's looking GREAT! I love all of the changes. Your other room looks like our house when we're in the middle of a project. :)
    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. Mel that looks fantastic!! Sorry about the pneumonia, don't push it!!!!! You don't want to wind up with chronic pneumonia.

    Seriously, I know how hard it is to live with mess and upheaval (boy do I know!), but be health conscious first.


  4. Great job Mel!! You've come so far. It hardly looks like the same kitchen anymore. I really like the subtle blue on the ceiling, and the tiles are going to look fantastic! I agree with Anne though, don't push it. Your body will tell you when it needs rest, so be sure to listen. The work will still be there waiting for you, even if you need to take a day off.


  5. Fabulous! I'm still working on my kitchen and contrary to my nature, I'm learning that slow and steady wins the race.

  6. Mel- Love it! I love the chalk board wall! And, the paint! It looks great! Love the last photo too- keeping it real!

  7. Just beautiful, I had bronchitis once and it was terrible sure hope you are feeling a lot better:)

  8. It looks amazing! Hope you're back to 100% soon!

  9. It really is coming together. The tile is stunning! I love the paint color too. I'm glad you're keeping the chalkboard for your daughter. Enjoy her (and it) while you can!! They leave the nest too soon, trust me!
    I hope you are feeling better!! Take it easy and don't overwork yourself even though you are starting to feel better!

  10. Oh Mel, I cannot believe you only got three hours of sleep and then you were painting the ceiling! ouch, I'm glad you're feeling better, but that's hard! I wish I could help you there, everything is looking so good! I agree with your daughter, that chalkboard wall has to stay, love it! The tile is beautiful too.

  11. What an amazing, smash up job! You can not tell that you were a novice at this, it looks first rate! Brava! Sorry about the pneumonia...dreaded stuff, glad to hear you are on the upswing. As the saying goes.."Can't keep a good
    Woman down."

  12. What a great makeover Mel! I haven't been blogging or visiting my favorite blogs in awhile. You've been busy! It looks amazing!