Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dining room painted and flooring installed

I think this is the longest it’s ever taken me to get through a project. I finished painting two weekends ago and after living with exposed subfloor for two weeks, I had had enough.

I continued the flooring that I used in the kitchen, Allure Vinyl plank in Hickory.  Now this level looks cohesive.



I still have to install the quarter round, but that’s nothing in comparison to all the work I have done in here. It is so much fresher and the dark grey had started to depress me.





I used Dulux diamond paint in a flat finish, to help hide the lumps and bumps in my walls.  The colour is Fine Silver; I keep saying it looks blue, but everyone else says it looks grey.


I hope that next weekend it’s warm enough to get outside and paint the set of 6 faux bamboo chairs. They’ve been waiting patiently since November. 

Soon I will muster up the energy to paint the living room, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Blue and White–and getting closer to painting

My vacation in Jamaica was exactly what I needed for a fresh start. I feel inspired and invigorated.

I’ve finally decided on a paint colour for the walls, but am still contemplating the colour for the ceiling.

After searching for a decent price on a garden stool, I finally found one at half price at Bombay Co., it was the floor model and the only one in the province! 

Broadview Heights garden stool

While I was there, all of their blue and white ceramics were on sale for 30% off, so I picked up a box of 6 to add to my one measly one. I added them to my big cloche and love the look.

Broadview Heights cloche

The sofa and loveseat combo takes up too much room in my awkward to arrange living room, so I found these two chairs on Kijiji for a decent price. My plan is to recover them since the linen has seen better days.

Broadview Heights living room

This little trinket box was $8 at HomeSense, perfect for storing my smaller remote controls.

Broadview Heights trinket box


The green throw and cushions have come out to remind me that at some point things will start turning green instead of the gloomy brown that is outside, hopefully.

Broadview Heights new chairs

Broadview Heights living room2

So here’s the plan so far:

Paint the walls the light grey that is in the smallest sample. The ceiling and down the wall about 3 feet will be two paint colours up on the same chip, a darker blue/grey. This will have a band of white separating the two colours. 

The drapes will be replaced and hung at a traditional height instead of up to the 15’ ceiling.

The floor will be painted a dark brown in a high gloss finish.

I am going to frame out above the fireplace and paint it white, which is where my tv will go. I realize that it will be rather high, but I have nowhere else to put it that makes sense.

I really wish my living room weren’t so awkward. With the traffic pattern in such an odd configuration it’s difficult to place furniture.

If I find time this weekend, the dining room will get painted in the light grey/blue that the living room bottom portion will be.

I finished painting the bookcase railing before I left for vacation, but I still have to style it with some books and get rid of some of the temporary knick knacks.

So much to do, so little time.