Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dining room painted and flooring installed

I think this is the longest it’s ever taken me to get through a project. I finished painting two weekends ago and after living with exposed subfloor for two weeks, I had had enough.

I continued the flooring that I used in the kitchen, Allure Vinyl plank in Hickory.  Now this level looks cohesive.



I still have to install the quarter round, but that’s nothing in comparison to all the work I have done in here. It is so much fresher and the dark grey had started to depress me.





I used Dulux diamond paint in a flat finish, to help hide the lumps and bumps in my walls.  The colour is Fine Silver; I keep saying it looks blue, but everyone else says it looks grey.


I hope that next weekend it’s warm enough to get outside and paint the set of 6 faux bamboo chairs. They’ve been waiting patiently since November. 

Soon I will muster up the energy to paint the living room, but I’m not looking forward to it.


  1. Wow, I really like it Mel and it looks grey to me. I also love the tablecloth, that bit of navy just really pops.
    Great job!!

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  3. Hey Mel! Missed ya! This room looks fantastic. Hope everything is good with you.


  4. Your room is beautiful - the shade of gray looks lovely - I haven't heard of that color before but will have to check it out! And I'm so impressed that you installed your own floors. Gorgeous!

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog and am excited to see your use of the allure vinyl plank flooring. I just did my tiny mudroom in this flooring and I love it!
    I've often thought about it in my house but didn't know how it would be.
    I'm so curious to know how you like it, how it feels etc... I'll be reading!

  6. Though I liked the darker grey, I have to admit, the lighter silver/blue shade is gorgeous. What a difference it makes in that room. No wonder I tell everyone that spray paint and paint are my best friends forever, because they change the look and impact of a room for the littlest amount of cost. Thrilled with the improvements on your home. Can't wait to see what's next.