Monday, 2 February 2015

What I did on my “Snow Day”

We received a foot of snow last night, which meant a snow day for me, yippee!

Back in November I picked up a large ottoman for $40. Once I removed the fabric, I found that It was in pretty rough shape. It needed some reinforcement on the legs, which I did, and then there it sat in my living room.  I had the most difficult time finding a fabric that I wanted to use. 

I was lucky enough to come upon a great deal for almost 28 metres of fabric from a young man that did an internship at Tonic Living. I got all of this for $100! I worked out what it would have cost me retail and it is $679!


I am sure all of you Tonic Living fans recognize many of these. Turns out, not one of them were what I wanted for the ottoman; too busy, not the right shade etc. Today when I went to the basement to reset the modem, I happened to look in my sons closet, and there it was…the fabric I wanted.  It’s a duvet cover that he doesn’t like, so I didn’t feel bad about cutting it up to use. It’s perfect, the right shade of grey/blue and textured.



It’s perfect! Oh Happy Day! I replaced the foam, added two layers of batting and sewed down the sides of the fabric before stapling it on.

I finally got around to hanging my curtains too. I bought Ikea drapes and rods, but wasn’t too keen on any of their finials. I had a package of mercury glass drawer knobs, which worked perfectly as I wanted something small.

I replaced the light switch and changed all of the electrical outlets. I used a couple of ceramic plates and this little fish plate that I adore, to hang on the wall between the drapes.

They were hung using picture hangers and lots of hot glue, worked like a charm.

I need more snow days.