Sunday, 29 July 2012

Where has the month gone?

It has been 2 weeks since I shared anything with you all!  I think that is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. I’ve been so busy and it’s been so hot.  The projects that I want to work on involve being outside, and the weather has not cooperated.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my daughter this month. She is so much fun to be with; she sees the world as such a wonderful place, she is quick to laugh and smile, her light shines.  I’ve been driving her back and forth to her volunteer job at the church, working as a counsellor in training. Just for fun we decided to document the emotional roller coaster of a 14 year old. LOL


We also took a trip to the beach with her best friend.


The beach is Wasaga Beach. It is the worlds longest fresh water beach. Absolutely gorgeous. You can walk out forever and the water will still be at your waist.


We also went to a family picnic that got rained out.  Torrential rain. Lightning touched the ground right next to a friend. Eek!


Three of my nephews, the one in the middle is the eldest son of my sister that passed away in January. He is still in so much pain, but is trying his best to move on.  The other two boys are my great-nephews and are absolutely adorable.  My family is multi-national Smile

I did manage to find a couple of thrifty treasures.  This camel teapot from Anthropologie was missing it’s lid, so the next logical thing to do is make it a flower pot :)


I found some fabric remnants for $2 that I couldn’t resist. One cushion has been made, a couple more to go.


Have you heard of Jumping Clay?  My sisters friend is the distributor to Canada and passed me along a sample package of the colours.  Clearly I am lacking any sculpture skills, and I hope you can figure out that this is (supposed to be) a mushroom. LOL


So that’s it.  The month has flown by. I’ve been able to read the blogs I follow and am always inspired. I have a dresser that I’m going to be working on. I might finally get out the spray gun that I bought 2 months ago, but haven’t been able to use because of the horrible weather.


I am sharing my thrifty finds at my favourite thrifty party.

SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

Friday, 13 July 2012

Pretty paper lantern–paper craft

I have a new found respect for paper crafters; it is time consuming, detailed and intricate. Probably why I haven’t attempted many paper crafts in the past.

I found a paper lantern on Pinterest that was captivating and so pretty, that I thought I could definitely give it a try.  Here is my result.

Pretty paper Lantern at

I decided to use pink and grey as the main colours and the whole time couldn’t help but think how pretty this would be in a baby girls nursery.  I cut all of the shapes with my cricut and hot glued them on. Nothing too complicated, but time consuming.

Pretty paper Lantern at

Pretty paper lantern at

My original inspiration can be found here

Pretty paper lantern at

I'm sharing at the following places, and already I see so many amazing projects.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

As seen on … Apartment Therapy

Oh my, I’m so chuffed.  Today my bamboo étagères were featured at Apartment Therapy, in the before and after section!
I wouldn’t have known had someone not emailed me to ask a question, as I don’t regularly read AP, but I will now  Ha Ha.
painted bamboo etageres at
My original post is here and you can read the post at Apartment Therapy here.
Totally made my day!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A coffee table becomes an ottoman

I seriously love this make over and I am considering keeping it.

I started with a $20 coffee table that I bought from Kijiji.  It is a Kroehler and has great bones. It’s also in great condition.  With the addition of some foam, batting and fabric, it’s now a gorgeous ottoman.

Coffee table becomes an ottoman at

Here is the table and the steps I took to make it over.

Coffee table becomes and ottoman at JunkinJunky.blogspot.comCoffee table becomes and ottoman at

The nice thing about the overhang is that I didn’t have to damage the top to make this, so it can easily go back to the way it was.

I played around with the idea of tufting it, but really didn’t want to destroy the top.  The size is 36” x 36”. 
I used foam that was left over when I made new cushions for my patio set. I had to get creative with the cutting as I didn’t have one piece big enough for the entire thing.

Coffee table becomes and ottoman at

I added two layers of batting to make it nice and soft.

Coffee table becomes and ottoman at

The fabric that I originally wanted to use was a little too small, so I had to go to the fabric store. Lucky for me, the fabric was 50% off and I bought just enough to cover this, for $9.90.   I toyed with the idea of painting the table before I even saw it, but I like the colour.  I chose a very traditional fabric to work with the traditional style of the table.

Coffee table becomes and ottoman at

I have to buy some gimp to go around the bottom to hide the staples, but otherwise I’m done.

{Primp}Primitive and ProperUndertheTableandDreaming
Positively Splendid

Dessert Tray

It’s a good thing I don’t throw everything away when I go on my purging binges. Digging through my stash of things and wondering what the heck to do with an old candelabra, I came up with an idea.

Pretty dessert tray at

I started with this black candelabra that is just a wee bit wonky.  I had to remove the cups that hold the candles, then screw the ceramic shape back in.

Pretty dessert tray at

The center part is welded on, so I took one of the pieces I removed, turned it upside down and glued it to the top.  After spraying it, which took forever to dry in this humidity, I used Gorilla Glue to glue the plates on. The plates I picked up two years ago for 99 cents each.

Pretty dessert tray at

Since I had all of the supplies, it didn’t cost anything extra to make it.  I wish I had some yummy treats to stage it with, but I ate them all :)

Pretty dessert tray at

And guess what I got?  Ok, I won’t make you guess any longer.  I met up yesterday with one of my readers, Denise.  She is up here from Texas with her daughter, visiting her parents.  She brought me my sofa cover!  After paying for the cover, extra bagging fee and parking to meet her at the airport, I still saved around $100!

Denise is in the middle of a kitchen reno, and I’m trying to encourage her to start a blog to document the process. From all of the elements she has described, it’s going to be fantastic.  This woman has staying power; for two weeks she has been removing wall paper from her kitchen walls. Another reminder of why I won’t ever use wall paper.   Anyway, look at how great the cover looks, it’s like I have a brand new sofa, much better than the black cover that I had, which made the couch look like a big gaping hole that you possibly could get lost in


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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Diy art

This is part of a quote attributed to Marilyn Monroe, and there was just something about it that resonated me. Probably the part about madness :)
Found at
Here are the steps I took to make it.
I used an old canvas and spray painted it in silver to cover up the old design. I dry brushed a very small amount of orange and green on. The canvas is 24” x 24”
I designed the lettering using SCAL and cut it out of vinyl with my Cricut. Because my mat is only 24” X 12”, I had to cut the middle row of lettering in two and place it on another board layout.
               Imperfection 1imperfection 2
I then placed my lettering on my canvas, painted over top in black and then lifted the vinyl lettering off. I didn’t burnish it completely, so there was some bleeding, but I think it fits the theme “imperfection is beauty” , at least that’s my story :)
Found at