Sunday, 29 July 2012

Where has the month gone?

It has been 2 weeks since I shared anything with you all!  I think that is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. I’ve been so busy and it’s been so hot.  The projects that I want to work on involve being outside, and the weather has not cooperated.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my daughter this month. She is so much fun to be with; she sees the world as such a wonderful place, she is quick to laugh and smile, her light shines.  I’ve been driving her back and forth to her volunteer job at the church, working as a counsellor in training. Just for fun we decided to document the emotional roller coaster of a 14 year old. LOL


We also took a trip to the beach with her best friend.


The beach is Wasaga Beach. It is the worlds longest fresh water beach. Absolutely gorgeous. You can walk out forever and the water will still be at your waist.


We also went to a family picnic that got rained out.  Torrential rain. Lightning touched the ground right next to a friend. Eek!


Three of my nephews, the one in the middle is the eldest son of my sister that passed away in January. He is still in so much pain, but is trying his best to move on.  The other two boys are my great-nephews and are absolutely adorable.  My family is multi-national Smile

I did manage to find a couple of thrifty treasures.  This camel teapot from Anthropologie was missing it’s lid, so the next logical thing to do is make it a flower pot :)


I found some fabric remnants for $2 that I couldn’t resist. One cushion has been made, a couple more to go.


Have you heard of Jumping Clay?  My sisters friend is the distributor to Canada and passed me along a sample package of the colours.  Clearly I am lacking any sculpture skills, and I hope you can figure out that this is (supposed to be) a mushroom. LOL


So that’s it.  The month has flown by. I’ve been able to read the blogs I follow and am always inspired. I have a dresser that I’m going to be working on. I might finally get out the spray gun that I bought 2 months ago, but haven’t been able to use because of the horrible weather.


I am sharing my thrifty finds at my favourite thrifty party.

SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb


  1. Oh,I love that camel teapot! I wish I was at the beach :-(

  2. Wasaga Beach....hmmmm I think I was there 20+ years ago. West of Toronto if I recall...out in the Georgian Bay area?

  3. love your pillow!!! and i thought your toadstool was adorable!

  4. I wondered where you were. Looks like you were enjoying your month. July did fly by!!
    Of course I knew it was a mushroom!!
    Prayers for your sweet nephew.

  5. I love the orange colour of your pillow. The camel teapot is so pretty as a planter.

  6. Oh Mel what a fabulous way to spend your time :) You're daughter is adorable! All her faces remind me of mine (she just turned 15)hahaha
    There is nothing, not to enjoy about this post (yes I did notice the double negative, I'm tricky like that). I am jealous of your pillow, still have not made mine yet. The camel is awesome and I heart your nephews.
    Yep, just all wrapped up in a love burrito.

  7. That fabric is beautiful! and such a cute camel!

  8. Looks like a great beach! Pretty soft sand. Torrential rains...I just can't imagine it's so dry here in Central California. I love the camel teapot/vase! Too cute!