Monday, 27 April 2015

Rearranging the living room

This past weekend I finally got around to installing new flooring in the living room. At 12’ x 22’, it was a bit of a task, just ask my muscles.

As I laid the new floor, I thought about how to arrange such an awkward space. I hate walking around things, probably because I’ve always felt like a bull in a china shop, so there had to be a path that would lead from the entry to the back sliding doors.  It meant giving up my rustic bench, but I recently purchased a Thomasville Allegro desk that is just right for behind the sofa.

Broadview Heights

I have painted one of the knobs gold to see if I like it, and I do.

Of course one thing leads to another and since I found the tv too high when above the mantel, I have to find a spot for it.  Otherwise, I’m really liking this layout.

Broadview Heights

I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally be rid of the disgusting parquet. Yippee!

Broadview Heights

I still need to spiff up the place with some accessories, and hang the artwork.  I have a chair for the desk in the makeover stage that will be finished shortly.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

High/Low: Pagoda Mirror

One of my favourite features of Style At Home Magazine, is their monthly High/Low column.

As someone that loves a great deal, I test myself to see if I can pick out the which is which. Sadly, even their low items are outside of my comfort zone. Instead, I cruise the resell classifieds.

I get such a thrill when I find something that is a phenomenal deal. Clearly I can’t buy everything that I see, as much as I would like to, especially when I think it is something that I can make a few bucks on.

Here is my version of High/Low, with a Pagoda Mirror, but unlike Style at Home, I am going to list the high and then the low…


1st Dibs (crazy pricing)

pagoda mirror 2575.00

CircaWho (better, but still pricey)

1600 at circawho

Bombay & Co (not exactly the same, but the same look, currently at 50% off – Canadian dollars)

Bombay 299



Mine, found in online classifieds


The real McCoy my friends. Same as the 1st dibs and Circa Who version.  I was so excited when I found it.  It requires some repairs which are underway…stay tuned to see what I do with it.

pagoda mirror broadview heights