Sunday, 26 May 2013

DIY kitchen makeover reveal

It’s done!  I could tweak it forever, but all of the hard stuff is done.  Thank you so much for sticking by me as I posted yet another step in my makeover, but I wanted to be sure to capture everything along the way.

I had to include some before and after pictures, of course. Moving the fridge to where my desk used to be really opened up the space.


I left most of my receipts at work, so I don’t have a cost breakdown, but I was not able to buy a new fridge as planned, but soon very soon :) 

I am sure I have not gone over $2,000.00. Here is a breakdown of where I spent that money

new subfloor and Allure vinyl flooring after removing 5 layers of flooring
new microwave
new countertops
new cabinets where the fridge used to be
new pantry door
new lighting
new backsplash
new cabinet handles
new to me chairs
paint, brushes, rollers, new skill saw, new circular saw, wood and moulding and innumerable trips to big orange.
This was the biggest project I’ve taken on yet, and I’m so glad it’s over. No more thinking about what colours to paint, what backsplash to go with, what flooring, how to install counters, how to install cupboards; it was a whole lot of thinking and a little less doing. LOL.
And now some gratuitous photos because I’m just so proud of getting this huge task done.

Thanks again for sticking with me throughout this process, and for your sweet comments that encouraged me along the way.

I will post later on the details of what products I used and how I solved issues that came up along the way.

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  1. Mel, I remember when you posted your list of things you wanted to accomplish in the kitchen at the beginning of the year, and it sounded like such a big job. Yet here it is, not even June yet and you've finished it! Yay!! It looks so much lighter and cleaner. You must love hanging out in there. I know I would! The most impressive thing to me is that you did it all yourself. You deserve a gigantic pat on the back. Way to go girl!! :)


  2. WOW!! just wow.....such a great job. I am truly impressed and and inspired :D
    I really love your kitchen and everything you have done to it.

  3. Oh it looks like a totally new kitchen. I love it. How beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  4. You SHOULD be proud - what an achievement! So pleased for you and impressed by how well you did. What a beautiful kitchen. Enjoy it!!

  5. It looks amazing - light, fresh, and completely up to date! You are a DIY rockstar!

  6. You did an awesome, awesome job! I would guess there were times that you wondered what in the world possessed you to take on such a huge job but as we get older and wiser, patience seems to kick in. I've had to walk away from my recent 'projects' a few times and then pick up where I left off. Sometimes it took an hour, sometimes a few days. I just waited until I felt I could tackle the job.

    You did a fabulous job and you must be sooooooo proud!

  7. It really looks fantastic! What a lot of hard work, but it paid off, awesome job! I love the backsplash you made.

  8. It's truly gorgeous ~ I kept scrolling back and forth to pick my favorite elements, but I can't, so much to love! You created such a wonderful space!

  9. It is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful job!


  10. That is one beautiful job you did on your kitchen! Congrats to you!!!

  11. it looks amazing! so fresh and clean and love the new hardware!

  12. SO beautiful! I can't believe what you've accomplished in such a short time period! My favourite parts are the cupboard changes and new handles - WOW! And I love the counter and the backsplash. And moving that fridge makes such a huge difference too!

  13. Mel, it looks so BEAUTIFUL!! You should be proud of tackling this big project all by yourself, doing it right and getting such pretty results!

  14. Mel this is stunning and so impressive! You should be in a DIY magazine for sure!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!! I love it all, the new dining chairs, the backsplash and counters, the flooring, the paint and the accessories! Everything!!! Bravo!!

  15. I love to see Kitchen make-overs especially when they are as great as this one. Your new kitchen looks so comfortable and I love all the little features. Love that chalk board wall too.

  16. Beautiful update!! I love how fresh the paint makes the room feel! I live the new floor, too...something about fresh white cabinets and hardwood floors...can't wait to make changes in my own kitchen! I'm feeling inspired!

  17. I was looking at the picture and was wondering where the new fridge was. Glad I wasn’t just not seeing things. Heh.

    The kitchen looks great! It looks like you’ve gained more shelf space by the windows now. And I like the new tables and chairs. They look like something you’d see at an open-air resto. And the clock was a nice touch too.

    Reed @ Tom Curren

  18. Your kitchen turned out SO lovely! It looks great, and for less than $2000 it's truly amazing.

  19. Where did you get the cute wooden herb boxes? Love them! Your kitchen looks amazing - but where did the fridge go?

    1. Hi Marcia.

      I bought the boxes which I stained in walnut, then used my cricut to cut out the vinyl lettering.

  20. I don't see a desk in the "Befores." Am I missing something? Where's the frig/Where will the frig go? Why didn't you show it? Thanks

  21. Are those the same cabinet doors, or did you replace them?

  22. Did you replace the cabinet doors?

  23. Please, do tell. Where's the refrigerator??

  24. I am in love with your countertops! Can you give me a source for them?

  25. Mel! Your kitchen is FABULOUS! What incredible work! Super impressive!

  26. You did a pretty great job tweaking this space. It looks more chic and contemporary after you've put everything together. It’s hard to believe you didn’t spend more than a couple of thousand dollars on this project. Well, thank your superb DIY-ing skills for that!

    Gordon Fox @ Prince And Sons