Sunday, 13 June 2010

Coffee table to ottoman

I have been on the look out for a coffee table with similar legs to the chairs that I have.  I found one today at the GW for $10. The only part of it that is real wood are the legs. It’s just awful.
I sprayed it, added a bit of distressing and some fabric. It’s better but I’m not that good of an upholsterer. I think some trim will help :)
Rhoda is hosting a Thrifty Treasures Party at Southern Hospitality.  Always one of my favourite types of parties :)  A girl can never get enough thrift.


  1. You would never even know that is the same did a fantastic job...I love the pretty apple green fabric, looks great!

  2. That looks really great!!! Beautiful fabric!

  3. I like the paint color and fabric you used, big improvement from that table!

  4. Gorgeous remake, you did an amazing job. I'm loving this blog and I shall follow for inspiration!

  5. Very cute & of course, I love the color!

  6. I am lovin' that idea!!! It looks great in your room. Love the rug, too!


  7. Oh man I would so be your buddy if we lived close to each other :) Not happening anytime soon as we are on orders to Korea it seems.....we are trying to wiggle around it....but there is little we can do about it :(

    Anywhoo, I love love your latest creation Fab-U-lous! Your just on a roll lately! You go girl!

  8. You did great! And I think some trim would really set it off perfectly.

  9. You are a genius! I would never have thought to do that with a coffee table. I think you're a pretty darn good upholsterer! Great job!

  10. That is awesome! GREAT thinking and improv.

    Just saw your paper em!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your kind visit!

    love, kelee

  11. You did such a great job on this! I have a coffee table that is the same exact shape as yours that I was thinking of re-doing. This would be the perfect solution! Hope you have a great week! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  12. I am sooo enjoying looking through your blog. You have really worked hard to get out of the ordinary and add a creative flair to make things your "own".

    After several difficult years I'm finding myself crawling out of the cave and finding inspiration to make some changes.

    This is a wonderful use of this table. It is an encouragement to look at some ordinary things with different eyes! Thank you!