Friday, 2 July 2010

A project weekend

Yesterday was a holiday and I took today off of work, so I’ve had some time to play :)
First I got out the spray paint and modified these two pieces
The tray was painted black and then I added a piece of snake skin like wallpaper
I started searching the house for hard cover books to cover with craft paper and could only find two. I read books and donate them back to the thrift store, the only two I could find were my daughters.
So back to the GW to find some books. I’m not a fan of displaying books just for the sake of display. They have to be something that is actually read, otherwise they go to the bookcase.
I found these three books which appeal to all of us.
The burlap bug has finally bit me and now I’m sorry that I didn’t catch on to it earlier. I’ve had an aversion to it because of it’s odour (it smells musty to me), but the $3.00 roll that I got at a garage sale last weekend, doesn’t smell bad :)
So, I recovered the ottoman/bench and hung it up as drapes.
I even cut out a stencil with my cricut and tried stencilling
I built a frame for the dead tree photo that I took a few weeks ago. My ex-hubby had it put on canvas for me (he’s in the industry, so it didn’t cost me anything). Problem is I can’t decide where to put it.
I’m  pretty sure that I’m doing all of these things in order to avoid the back breaking work that awaits me out back; putting in a new patio.


  1. You have been busy!!! I love your black/snake skin tray and all the burlap touches. Curtains and an ottoman? Oh my gosh, you put me to shame! now get out to that patio( just kidding!)

  2. I think that's why I have bursts of avoid sledging the bathroom wall.

    But I must say, you got a LOT done, and it all looks very fresh and trendy.

  3. Really love your tree canvas...trees are so interesting!
    It will look great anywhere you put it I'm sure!

  4. Gosh I want your motivation! My goodness your a busy bee! Love the bee on burlap....Caaaauuuute!