Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Panel moulding added

I added three of the mouldings that I thrifted on the weekend to the cabinet ends. $6.44 to add some detail, not a bad deal :)


  1. Love it! That was a great deal.

  2. Dang it, Mel, you find the best stuff! That looks great, by the way.

  3. Your fabulous :) Looks amazing!

  4. What a deal! It looks great!

  5. It looks so much more polished! (Only down side is now you get to dust)

    (Or not- HA!)

    Are your shelves from IKEA? I've seen some that looked like that but didn't know how they'd hold up to heavy duty stuff on them in a kitchen.

    I took the doors off my cabinets awhile back and haven't gone crazy from looking at all the "stuff" yet....which means I'm itching to take them down completely now...

  6. Mel, thanks for visiting my blog about gray kitchens. I LOVE what you have done with yours. Adding the moulding was perfect! I think you could totally do gray on the bottom. I would do one of the lighter shades.In either the adjoining rooms or in your window treatment, add some more gray to carry it up (a floral or fun IKAT with one of the colors having gray.) If you did change it to gray, I'd consider a bit more light to compensate for the heavier tone. You're lucky you have a light and it's wiring already, just find something with a few more bulbs, but not so heavy visually that it closes in on your head! I'd say go for it. What's the worse that can happen? In a year or two, you don't like it, paint them white again!Great job! I'm off to visit some of your other posts and see what you've been up to!