Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Coffee table talk

Someone had a party.

I picked up this table from a seller on Kijiji for $60. It was love at first sight and in pristine condition.
junkin 009
It is a beautiful creamy white, solid wood with a very slight amount of distressing.
There is a band of carved wood under the lip (sorry, crappy camera)
It is large too, it most definitely can be used as a dining table if the base were taller.
(I probably should have vacuumed first :)
My tastes change pretty quickly, but this table has been with me for some time now, and I don’t anticipate it leaving any time soon.


  1. Oh, I love a big round coffee table! Looks great!

  2. What a great table. Looks fabulous in your room.... WHICH by the way, looks fabulous also. The entire room is beautiful!

  3. I love the detail on it! Great find :)

  4. 60 bucks? That sucker is awesome! AND it didn't need a remake! You find the best stuff.

  5. Looks like a magazine photo Mel! Your are such a great designer!

  6. That looks gorgeous in your LR...I love your style.

  7. What a great room! Love the walls and the rug.


  8. i love your wall of frames, it looks wonderful! and this table with the detail is perfect in your room. I love the rug under it!

  9. Hi! you left a comment on my table post - and you have one! I like yours better, want to trade! Ha ha! I am a thrifter too! In fact my husband asked if I was going to be on the television program hoarders. So i am going to start giving away great finds, with no strings attached!
    great blog!

  10. Hi- I'm a new visitor. I love all of your thrifty finds. Searching for great "junk" is one of my fav hobbies. This table is amazing! I absolutely adore it. Looks great in your living room!