Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Help – how much do I have to sand

I stopped at the thrift store after work and found this substantial coffee table.

 ct2 ct1

It’s a heavy beast :)  And the best part…


It has some dings, scratches and nicks, but they are surface only and I knew I could sand them out.

My plan is to stain the top in Minwax American Walnut and paint the bottom portion in a creamy white.  I really need some natural wood in my living room, all of my furniture is painted.

What I really like is that it has tons of space for storage underneath.

I have sanded it down, but I’m not sure when I know it’s been sanded enough.  Can someone give me some tips?

Here it is now.

sandedI want to be sure that it’s going to accept the new stain. Help? anyone! The dark spot on the bottom left is water, not varnish. 


  1. it looks like it needs to be sanded more if you want it to be even- it needs to all be pretty light and the same in color. then before you stain it treat it with a pre stain conditioner so that the stain takes evenly. :)

  2. As long as all the shiny parts are sanded off I use a stain with a poly in it to get more even coverage

  3. Looks like it's almost there to me...ditto what Cassie said on the pre-stain conditioner. You will get great results if you use it before staining! I sure do miss Value Village! :)

  4. you, i agree with lauren - just make sure there is no visible stain (or shine) and you're good to go - great score!!

  5. What a good find! And our VV is WAY overpriced for furniture. And just about everything else too!

  6. That is a wonderful find, and what a great price, too! I think your coffee table is going to look beautiful stained on top. I don't have a ton of experience with staining, but we also always use the pre stain conditioner. :) Good luck to you! I know it is going to look lovely!


  7. It's going to look great when it's finished!! I would sand it just a little more and then go over it with a tack cloth a few times to get the excess off...it really helped when I re-did my night stand. With the stain did you get it with the poly in it already for Minwax because that's what I use and it works great and saves you the extra steps!! GOOD LUCK! xoxo

  8. Mayonaise gets out water ring marks! Sounds crazy but its true.

  9. Love Value Village/World, we have them here & I find the best stuff in there...love the PB knockoff, so jealous