Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Are you a noreply comment blogger?

When someone is kind enough to leave a comment on a posting, I like to thank them. Or perhaps a question has been asked, to which I would like to reply.

Problem is, there are so many that are noreply-comment@blogger.com. These are the people that have not attached an email address to their blogger account.

I’m here to help :)  In a few easy steps, you can add your email address to your blogger account (sorry, I have no experience with wordpress to help you out).

Go to your dashboard and click on Edit Profile


Click the box where it says “show my email address”, then under Identity, enter your email address (see mine? flyingfishlips@gmail.com)


Save your changes.  That’s it :)  Now I can respond to you.

I hope this has helped.


  1. I need to post something like this!! Very helpful!! Once I found out about it, it was wonderful!!

  2. Thanks for your tip to check out your tutorial. I had the show my email checked and my email listed. So, I unchecked it then rechecked it and I deleted then rewrote my email. I hope this helps. I also search (seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.....) on blogger help to figgure out how to fix it.

    I think that when I post a comment and the blogger has a pop up comment window, it seems to automatically use my google account. But, when it doesnt have the pop up window I cant use the google account so I use the generic name/URL option. Which is why I'm guessing that I'm showing up as a no reply.... Sorry, this is long. Does that make sense??? I'm such a NEWBIE! Thanks for your help!!! AND, I totally love your blog!!!!!!