Saturday, 5 November 2011

More Monograms

If I seem to have been a little absent this week, I have good reason.  I received orders for 6 more monograms!

I now realize that it was a mistake to offer to frame them at cost; it does not account for my time, gas, framing, wrapping and then delivery! For those of you that sell your handmade items, how do you account for this type of thing?

Anyway, they are done and I will definitely be raising the price for those that want them framed. They are each a lot of work, but knowing that they will be cherished is so gratifying.

DSC07317 DSC07320

A while back I purchased a stamp from an Etsy shop to brand my creations. It was not very expensive and the selection was great.

DSC07321All packaged up and ready for delivery. Tick that off of my list of things to do this weekend.


Please don’t forget about Beautiful Junk Saturday link party going on.


I’ll be back with some thrifty finds later. 


  1. Oh your monograms are gorgeous Mel and your stamp is fantastic too!

  2. Those are so pretty and the professional wrapping/tag makes it arrive as a present! Love it!

  3. These r gorgeous!!! How much are they tho?