Sunday, 6 May 2012

Small change, big difference

I have had this picture frame for a long time, I remember that I got it at the GW for $3.99 and it’s from Pottery Barn.

The photo is of my daughter at Disney World back in 2009, when I took her for her 11th birthday. I love that picture and I love the frame, but the matting was boring.


I have never covered a mat before, but saw instructions in several places, so I gave it a try and it turned out great. A small change that cost a few pennies. 


By the way, Canada is eliminating pennies from their currency this year :(  What ever happened to the old adage “look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves” ?


  1. Wow, that really did make a difference!
    It just oozes fun.

  2. love the new strange to not have pennies anymore!

  3. Love it, Mel. I miss Canadian money. It made so much more sense/cents. ;) It wouldn't bother me a bit to get rid of pennies. I think they've got the right idea. :) Just my 2 cents. ;) You needed a dose of corny this morning, right?

  4. That turned out so cute! And it's an adorable picture of your daughter.

    I was just reading an article somewhere about how few people use coin currency. They tend to throw it in a jar for years and not spend it while it loses value to inflation and gains no interest, to the point that it's sort of like a self-imposed tax. It's sort of funny to think of it that way but I guess it's true. I'm sure I have several dollars worth of pennies in the bottom of all the purses in my closet!

  5. It's lovely! The penny thing is a bit sad, isn't it? The idea that a single cent is not even valued any longer. my kids are hoarding hem because someone told them they would be worth money one day, lol!

  6. That is a great picture (Pop Century?) and I love how the mat works wit the photo!