Monday, 4 June 2012

vintage wood cafeteria tray

So, I’m playing around with my gallery wall, yet again. This time I wanted to add some natural wood and lo and behold, I found a vintage cafeteria tray
I was going to do a reverse stencil, but once I got the vinyl on, I really liked the look as it was. I cut the peacock out of vinyl, tracing the image using SCAL.


I used the back side as the front was a little messy, with a cigarette burn and cup ring stains.  I decided to leave the stamp that says “Made in Sweden”.  I can’t help but wonder if this was originally an Ikea tray?  It is made out of wood, not plastic.

Anyway, I added it to my gallery wall and I like how it looks.


I actually laid on the floor to take this shot (the things I do for my blogging friends lol), hence the blurry. It looks really small next to the anchor piece, but it’s not that small at all, definitely bigger than the trays they use now. The tray was $2 at GW.


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  1. This looks fab, Mel!! The natural wood really pops and picks up the other wood tone of the antler piece. The whole wall just works well together. You've got the knack for it!

  2. yeah, what she said :) plus bringing in the wood really warms it up.

  3. What an amazing tray. I love the peacock. Where did you get that stencil? I love peacocks.


  4. Your wall looks great - love it all!

  5. The peacock is fabulous - once again I envy your crafty powers! And wow, I didn't realize how enormous that anchor piece is - it's gigantic!

  6. This wall looks amazing!
    Love the framed anchor and the antlers!

    Thank you for your sweet comment;)
    I will made postcards from them.
    Just have to finish some other paintings and then will get them all to my printer shop around the corner;)

    Lovely greetings...

  7. Very cool... love this wall! So many great projects you've got here. I'd better get a beverage and get comfortable! :)