Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kitchen progress–new cabinets

Things have to get ugly before they get pretty, so I’ve got some “in the middle of reno’s” ugly for you :)

In order to make my very small kitchen more functional, I decided to move my fridge next to the pantry. I don’t feel bad about losing this space, as no one ever sat at the desk that was there. I still have a work triangle, it’s just a much bigger triangle now.   The greatest benefit to moving the fridge is that I am going to have an entire 8 foot expanse of uninterrupted counter space. Visually it opens up the narrow area. It’s a construction zone, don’t judge LOL

One thing of course leads to another and I had this big gaping hold above the cabinet. I made a shelf that I attached to the existing cabinet using L brackets. I moved my diy herb crates off of the wall and put them in this cupboard to store my herbs, spices and frequently used items.  The shelf still needs to be painted.

I bought my counter tops and decided on the ika pragel counters in stone effect. Cost was the most obvious reason for choosing these, but also because I like that there is not a return at the back, nothing reads 1970’s kitchen like my old counters.
PRÄGEL Countertop IKEA 25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.
My microwave has been installed!  I am having the electric outlet that was for the fridge moved up so that it is at counter height. Until then I can’t screw in the new cabinets or install the counters.

The new cabinet doesn’t match my old cabinets, but it’s not too horrible of a difference, I think? :0) The two bottom doors will be getting a little bling with some crystal knobs, once I am able to install the doors evenly.

And what’s been occupying most of my time this week? Tearing out the ceramic floor and cement backer board.  What a mess!  There is a coat of dust throughout my entire house! This is my coffee table in the living room.

Tearing up the floor was back breaking work. I came home from work on Tuesday and decided that today was the day. I got about half way through that night and had the day off of work on Wednesday to tear up the rest. There is nothing like hard labour to remind me that I’m fifty and out of shape; I could barely move afterwards. After I got the flooring and cement board up, I had to remove what felt like a bajillion 3” screws, the reality is that it was probably closer to 200!  The heads were filled with cement so I had to clean each one out with a small screwdriver before I could use my drill to remove the screws.

I’m going to be installing 1/4 plywood over top of the existing floor before I can start the new flooring. What I have there now is two very compressed layers of vinyl and lino, fortunately it’s been screwed, nailed and hammered in and is not going anywhere.

There is still lots more to do and slowly I am getting it done.
Have a great week.


  1. love the dust reminder! Looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness Mel. Wow!! You are making some SERIOUS progress! Way to go girl! What impresses me most about this project of yours is that you are really moving right along. I make grand plans....and then sit on them. For a long time. Until hubby threatens to hire someone else to come in and finish what I've barely gotten started. Hah! But not you....I'm so impressed. Can't wait to see what's next! Keep up the great work!


  3. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished project. Don't worry about the mismatched cabinets. We lived in our old house for 5 months before I noticed that not all the cabinets were the same!

  4. It's looking great! I love the idea of the boxes in the blank space. What a huge amount of space to gain by moving the fridge.

    Have a great day.

  5. I love what you have done so far, Mel! You're a girl after my own heart! There are lots of though things, like tearing out that floor and getting rid of all those screws, that I know nobody likes to do, once done I'm exhausted but SO HAPPY that better things are coming! The open shelves are fantastic, love those creates!

  6. You are super woman! You have made incredible progress on your kitchen renovation, I love being alone for the transformation of your cute kitchen into a Gorgeous to die for kitchen. I seriously wish we were neighbors!!! Did I mention how much I love those crates? Perfect for spice storage. Sigh....

  7. this looks fabulous!! I wish I could move my fridge somewhere, it's gigantic and prevents me from having a decent counter near the sink. Old houses!!!!


  8. You're doing great Mel! Wow! Lots of progress! That floor job sounded rough! Good for you, getting it done! You are determined! Moving the fridge sounds like a great plan and I love that countertop!

  9. whoot whoot you go girl! It's looking awesome :D
    I know what you mean about the floor, I ripped up some ceramic tile and it about killed me. I'm still recuperating and it was a month ago. lol

  10. It's going to look gorgeous! I love the countertops you've picked out, they will look fabulous with your cabinets!

  11. I do that when it’s dusty around the house as well! It reminds me to at least try to dust up after what I’m currently busy at. XD

    Good thinking on putting a shelf on the gaps. Now you have extra storage space, or rather you did not lose any. :)

    Camille Edington