Monday, 20 May 2013

DIY wall clock

Using some of the left over planks from my backsplash, I made a clock.


I used a kit that I had found many months ago for $4 at the Sally Ann.


I know it’s a little wonky, I’m still working on my jig saw skills :)

My drive to pick up my chairs this morning was only 5 hours instead of the anticipated 6 hour round trip. It was well worth it as the chairs are in excellent condition.


Now I have to decide what I want to do with them. My instinct is to leave them the natural wood colour because I have so much painted furniture already. Make some new cushions for the seats and use the fabric as the pop of colour?  Yes, I think I like that idea. What would you do?

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  1. Oh Mel, they are just as fantastic as I thought they would be...I think you are right. Leave them for now, but later on I can totally see them in a high gloss white! Love the clock. Mel clock that is too cute. :)

  2. I'd paint them white and then immediately regret it. Cause that's the way I am. LOL Leave em alone! I'm so regretting some of the furniture I painted. Now it's going to be a nightmare removing the paint. SIGH.


    px LOVE the clock!

  3. they are amazing!! I would sit there and stare at them for like a week. :) hahahha

  4. I would leave them for now and think about it. You could always paint them later. They are fab! The clock turned out great? What wonky???

  5. You were so right to go get those chairs Mel! And I would make some seat cushions and see how I liked them before painting them because the finish is in such great shape. I love your clock! Very clever. I've been thinking about a clock for my son's room. I like your idea of using some wood planks....hmmmm.... :) Have a great day!


  6. The chairs are wonderful. Why don't you leave them for awhile and see how you like the color they are with new cushions. If you do paint them in the future, you could do a bright color.

  7. Oh Mel, those chairs are BEAUTIFUL! Yeah, leave them like that with a simple cushion, later on you can change them. You did a great job on that clock, very pretty!

  8. Love that clock. Especially love the wonky. ;)