Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bound and determined to get it done…painting finished

I’ve put off painting my living room for almost an entire year!  This week I finally got to it. I painted the ceiling too, and it’s quite a challenge with 16’ ceilings.


Lot’s of patching after doing a gallery wall and changing it up all of the time.



The day after I painted the dreadful tan colour, I wanted to change it. With a north facing room, it looked fleshy during the day…yuck!

Here is a before and after of the wall with the faux fireplace.




I won the 55” smart tv from work. It will eventually mounted properly, but for now sits on the mantle. The new to me Ikea Stockholm rug also helps to enliven the space.

this is the opposite wall. I tried a different lay out, but it just didn’t work in this awkward room, which is 12’ wide and 22’ long, and the path to the door intersects it in the middle Sad smile



I still have some work to do, add trim to the window, hang curtains,  change all of the sockets and light switches (1 done, 7 to go) and later in the year, change the flooring to match the dining room and kitchen.

I’m happy to have it completed (mostly) before 2015 rolls in.  I really hope it’s a better year for me; after reeling from the sudden death of my sister 3 years ago, my nephew died suddenly this year. Tragic and heartbreaking and very difficult to come to terms with.

Here’s to 2015, may it be the best year for you and yours.


  1. Mel,

    It looks great, now maybe you can come to North Carolina and light a fire under my *** so I can paint those rooms that need painting and you can have a vacation. Happy New Year, my friend, I hope you have a great year.

  2. Happy New Year Mel! It all looks amazing! I love all the blue and white and the new wall colour! that Steven & Chris I see on your tv? Oh how I miss them!! So sorry to hear about your nephew! Wishing you a happier 2015! Kim B.