Sunday, 24 May 2015

Chair Makeover–Using the correct tools

Another faux bamboo Chippendale chair. There are two, but I’ve only managed to get one finished so far.

This chair required a new tool; a pneumatic stapler. Oh my, what a world of difference it makes in getting fabric stapled to wood. I thought that it would be out of my price range, so I never bothered to buy one, but it was very reasonable and I will have it for a long time to come.

This is the one I bought. Home Depot and Canadian Tire have them for $39.99. It easily fits on my small air compressor.


Because I had to staple the fabric to the exposed wood, I had to cover up the staples some how.

This was my second attempt at double welting and I’m learning the ropes (pardon the pun).

While at HD I found a bag of huge glue sticks. Oh my word, heaven! No longer will I have to stop what I’m doing to get just one more of those puny glue sticks as you run out at the very end of a job. These babies are 10” long.

glue sticks


The fabric I used is Robert Allen, Ming Dragon, purchased at Tonic Living. It’s so lovely

Here is a before and After


  1. Mel, that chair turned out beautiful! Love the pattern and the double welting looks like you paid a professional a ton to do it!
    Who knew about the longer glue sticks?! Will have to see if my HD has them!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend! :)

  2. I've been MIA for quite a while but I adore your chair make over!


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