Sunday, 14 June 2015

DIY art from thrift store plates

Plates make great wall art but only if they are nice to look at. I’m not talking your Grandmothers collector plates, you know the ones, with Norman Rockwell scenes or cheesy souvenir plates from the one time she went to the big city.

I’m talking about interesting plates, full of pattern or colour or design, like these Anthropologie plates that I found and framed

Framed plates

I had a credit for Ikea so I only had to pay for one more frame, making the entire purchase more doable.

The set is Anthropologie’s From The Deep dinnerware, each side plate is $14(US), my set of four for $14.99(CDN)!

Framed plates

I used Ribba frames and flipped the matting over as it is a bright white rather than a creamy white. I used 12x12 scrapbook paper, taped in the opening, then double sided tape to adhere the entire thing to the frame backing

Finally, I glued the plate to the scrapbook paper using Gorilla glue.

Aligning the frames to have equal distance from one another was a bit of job for this math challenged ding dong

Looking at Anthropologies site, I think these would also be fun and colourful.

Nature Plate

Or use plates that have a great shape, like this fish plate that I posted about here

Off to see what treasure awaits for me and the thrift store today.

I'm participating in The Walls wall decor tutorials and link party at Remodelaholic


  1. OMG Mel, what a great idea, the frames make them look so much more interesting and substantial over the mantel! Love that collection too.
    You did a good job lining them all up...I can do that too, I would just have 20 nail holes behind each frame until I got it right! ;)
    Hope you found some good things at the thrift store yesterday!!

  2. Awesome job and such a cute idea, just love it!

  3. Love it!! I've been trying to think of a different wall decoration for my kitchen. This might be it! Beautiful. How i love Anthropologie. Sigh. You are so talented and I still want to go thrift shopping with you. Joy

  4. Love it! It is a great idea - I always find so many plates that I love - mixing them into decor is a great way to enjoy them without having to buy a whole set - great use of the frames!

  5. I love this idea! So glad to have seen it at The Pretty Preppy Party!

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  8. What a great idea! Plates are always a go-to for me but they often feel too small. Adding them into the frames like you did really adds to them visually. I like the Ribba frames for the clean lines too. Way to go on the Anthro plates.

  9. What an awesome idea - I honestly never thought to frame plates like you did. Love the look (and your Anthro plates - they are super cute!).


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