Saturday, 6 November 2010

Craft room progress

It’s not a lot of progress, but I can see it coming together.
I am putting this room together without spending any money, so I am using what I have or has been gifted to me.
Filing cabinet was gifted. I will be adding a skirt to the storage areas under the table to hide the junk.
Shelving will be installed on the wall above the sewing machine with storage bins. The work surface will be trimmed out and painted.
The brass on the fireplace will be painted out and the mirror installed properly. I am going to make a cover for the ironing board
The wardrobe was gifted to me. The closet will get proper doors. This is where I store all of my picture frames.
The bed was also gifted to me. Since this is the only window, I have to come up with a treatment that won’t block the little bit of light that comes in.
I haven’t spent a dime other than on the mdf to make the work surface.
Is it perfect, heck no, but it is functional and gives me a space to create without any distractions.


  1. It has good bones and it will be nice and cozy!

  2. A craft room with a fireplace!! Swoon!! Already looks great!! I'd come over and craft with you anyday!!

  3. That's going to be a great place to craft!

  4. It's looking great so far! I'd love to have a room like this.

  5. I wish I had half your crafting abilitys and energy! :) Looks great Mel, Im sure it will be fabulous when it is all done up :)

    -and a fireplace, too cool!


  6. I am hugely jealous of this space. Seriously. That room is going to look amazing.