Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paper flower topiary

I decided to get crafty today and created this paper flower topiary.  I’ve seen these around and thought that it was simple enough for even me to do it.
I used a large styrofoam ball, about 8” wide. I cut out two sizes of flowers, a larger flower in blue and a smaller flower in white.
To save some time, I placed a stack of 4 or 5 together and then bent the petals up.
I didn’t have just one colour of pins, so I used what I had, multi-coloured.  Place the styrofoam in a can or something similar to keep it steady while inserting the pins.

I'm sharing in the fun at the parties found here


  1. You are just beaming with talent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. that is so cute, mel! i love it! can spring just get here already!

  3. That is really cool! Thank you for stopping by and linking today! :)

  4. very well done, I will save this for my own use later. Check out my recent post @

  5. That is so sweet! Can almost smell the flowers. Have a great weekend, Vicky

  6. These are darling! What a great little project for Spring and Easter!

  7. Wow that looks great! So many things I'd like to try and no time :( Thanks for the comment, I'm feeling better only left with a lingering cough. Uggh!

  8. That looks awesome! I saw some bunnie rabbits done the same way this weekend at a little shop and I really loved them.

    I'm going to do this one for sure.

    Back in the late 80's/early 90's, Wal-Mart used to sell these doll forms and the skirt was made of styrofoam. The kit included sequins and pins to stick the sequins to the skirt. I did dozens of those things. Your topiary is just a really great update to them.

    Thanks for sharing!