Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Vintage inspired Union Jack

Another Union Jack cushion. I made this one for a girl in my book club who actually  IS British :) She happens to have a tattoo of the Union Jack flag on her back, which is a little faded, so I wanted to make this cushion look like it’s been around for a while. She’ll kill me if she knew that I was saying that. Ha ha.
I really enjoy making cushions. They don’t take long to make, which is exactly what I like. I don’t have a long attention span and if it can’t be done in an hour, pfftt, I lose interest. The other thing I like is using my SCAL software, Cricut and freezer paper to come up with these designs.
For another girl in my book club, I made her this sign, that she’s been asking me for, forever, but I forgot. oops.

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  1. Great job Mel!! I love the Union Jack pillow (can I be British and in your book club too?)

  2. love the pillow the chair and the sign..
    great job..

  3. I'm the same way, I have a terribly short attention span. Big projects take me forever because I have to stop and come back to it later. And sometimes I don't make it back, lol! I love the union jack pillow, it's awesome.

  4. Cool! Where did you find the fabric? I have tons on discontinued fabric from work that I will be making pillows out of as well. Again.... (Sigh) wishing I had a Cricut : )

  5. Love the cushion! You should sell them or something!!

  6. You sure are a sweet friend! They are lucky to have you around! Great pillow I love the faded look and I've always loved that saying!

    Oh and how cool a tatoo of that!


  7. You know, as fast as you crank out great projects, I think Etsy is your next step.

  8. Both beautiful projects! I'm inspired!