Friday, 29 April 2011

Bolster cushions

I always dread taking on a new sewing challenge as I’m not a great sewer. Something about measuring always sends me back to high school, and having to be tutored, and still not getting it :)

Anyway, a friend recently gave me a couple of bolster cushions (some of you may call them pillows, but where I come from, a pillow is to lay your head on while you sleep, a cushion is a decorative item).


I followed the instructions that Judy at DIY by Design posted, used a thrifted curtain and made these babies brand new again. Judy’s instructions are phenomenal!


I used the hem of the curtain to make the ties.



  1. You did a fabulous job. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  2. They look great. Pillows that are square rectangular shape I can do okay, but rounded pillows scare me. I always think that I'll waste the material goofing up so I don't do 'em

  3. Bravisimo! Perfection! I love how you thrift out a masterpiece. Stripes are tough to work with, and you did it up.