Sunday, 24 April 2011

Roman blind made from bamboo blind

Using the same method of gluing fabric to mini blinds, I brought some spring into my dining room.

I bought a piece of fabric for $4.00 at the thrift store.

Previously I had a bamboo blind up and my lamp shade was slipcovered in black fabric.


There was just enough to make the blind and slipcover the drum shade.



I didn’t bother to sew the fabric on the shade, I just used pins. Easy to change that way.


A quick update for $4.00, can’t beat that!

A night time shot where the light isn’t streaming in


Transformation Thursday


  1. Wow, this looks soooo gorgeous! I love the vintage print of that fabric, and having the matching pieces in the room is a huge impact!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! $4.00???UNBELIEVABLE transformation!

  3. Now stop, you are making the rest of us look bad! Ha, just teasing of course I don't want you to stop.. You give me such inspiration! Love the fabric and really on the blinds, love it. Do a tutorial for us, I'd love to see how you did i!


  4. That looks really nice, you have really great ideas! Love the seat cushions.

  5. Fabulous!! You rock!!

    I have a similar project in mind, I'll be stealing your idea. :)

  6. Hi Mel, Thanks for visiting my blog. I took a tour of yours and you have some fabulous projects! I love the fabric you used on your shade with the bold wall stripes. Love it! You have fearless style! I'll be back.

  7. Now you KNOW I love this! Fabulous job.

  8. I use pins a lot too. It is the way to go for quick changes. That fabric is really punchy and perfect!

  9. Love that fabric!
    What a great pop of color in the dining room.
    Nice job!

    Kimberly :-)

  10. That looks great. Did you just fold the fabric up, like a roman shade and pin it? I pinned my 3rd pillow on my patio set cause the party was coming too fast. It's almost a year later and I still have to fix it. The cushions and pillows have spent the winter in the garage. Time to get them out again. Enjoy your new dining room.