Thursday, 5 May 2011

Finding time to do it all …


The warmer weather is almost here! Yippee!  At this time of year, I find that there are so many more things to do, events happening, demands of my time.  

I love the way we inspire, uplift and praise one another, we share our skills and most importantly encourage one another with our comments.  

I find that I have less time for blogging and have not been a good blogging friend. I haven’t commented on a lot of the fabulous projects I see. I doubt very much that it’s just me that feels this way, but if I’m not commenting on others hard work, when I post my work, it just seems like I’m being boastful (I mean that in the most humble way).

So, I’m going to step back and will post occasionally as I have the time, but I won’t be joining in on any parties unless I have the time to look at AND comment on others posts. 

Please stop in every once in a while and heavens to Betsy, have a wonderful Summer!


  1. I feel that way sometimes too!! Enjoy your summer!

  2. You changed your header, I love the simplicity and font used!

    I feel like I'm a bit of a slacker myself with posting and commenting. Don't go too far. I have a few things I've been working on so check back!

    I know we'll talk because otherwise I'll stalk you, lol!

    Don't get too busy you can't be crafty!