Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vintage rattan bar cart

I spied this beauty a few weeks ago at the GW for $15.00 and knew that it had to come home with me. Even the glass was intact! I also knew immediately that it was perfect for my girlfriend, who is celebrating a birthday today. She’s in Atlanta today but will be home this weekend so that I can help celebrate her 39th birthday, again :)

She has an oasis for a backyard and this piece will fit in wonderfully. Not to mention, that she loves to entertain, me, not so much.

I gave it a few coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint, buffed up the castors until they shone brightly and finished it off with a couple of coats of poly.

It went from this


I had to dig deep to find any booze in this house, I don’t usually have much

To this


  And it looks pretty good next to this one for $995.00!

Found here

Happy BD, CL!


  1. oh i love that! so cute and ready for summer!

  2. Such a cool little piece! You have the greatest luck with your finds... I need a better gw, ours is a wee bit too junky and so expensive!! Really like how the black dressed it up.

  3. Beautiful transformation! Seriously, who makes up these prices? $995 for THAT thing? Sheesh! I'd take yours any day of the week:)

  4. WOW!!!! You did it again, Mel!! You are amazing!!!

  5. Looks great in black - I bet she will love it!

  6. So chic! What a great birthday present for you friend. It's beautiful.

  7. $15.00 no way. Seriously sweet of you to find that for her. What a great
    B-Day gift!


  8. What a great find, I love it!

  9. Sweet cuppin' cakes that came out amazing! I would have never chosen ORB for that, but it made it look very expensive indeed.