Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Organizing a lingerie chest

When I made over my $20 lingerie chest, I didn’t know at the time how to keep track of what was in each drawer.


For more than a year now, I have had to open each drawer to figure out which one holds my socks, which one holds my underwear, etc. etc.  I could never remember and I certainly wasn’t going to label them LOL

As I was about to do my search once again this morning, it finally dawned on me…ORGANIZE it from the top of your body to the bottom of your body.  I put my bras on top, undies next and socks below that.  Makes total sense. The other drawers are for those items that are used less often.

Am I the only one that didn’t know this already?


  1. I do the same thing with mine ;) Nice when your half awake huh ;) Missed you Mel, its ganna take me a week to read up on all my blogs! I love the new background and pics at the top Fab-u-lous!

  2. you are NOT the only one. my socks are always in my top drawer. wow- i feel like a dummy. ;)

  3. So clever, I never taught to organize my drawers this way! Well, incidentally, my socks are indeed in the bottom drawer...

  4. I love love love the idea of that, and I really think the piece is beautiful!

  5. This dresser is so gorgeous!!


  6. love this post. i too have a lingerie chest. only i put my ribbon in it. i've got way too much ribbon. each drawer is color coded (i know...love being organized).

    i'll also be back. say hello to your new follower.

    thanks for posting.