Monday, 22 August 2011

Sac de Moulin cushion

Since I made a stencil for the Ballard Designs knock off cube, it was easy to make a cushion using the same design.


Now they are a pair :)

DSCN2469I used two different sources for the burlap, so the shades are a little off, but you would have to inspect closely to tell in person.

There were a ton of people that asked me to send them my svg’s for the rustic herb crates as well as the Paris Flower Market. I hope that if you make something from the files, that you will share it with me :)


  1. You are such an inspiration (and motivator)!!! I just finished my cube and am now "eyeing" my shabby looking pillows!! Yours are fantastic!!!

  2. Oh, I love your sweet pillow! It looks just perfect decorating the chair, next to the cube you made! I missed that one~ must go check this out! :)

  3. The cushion and the cube are both great, and love the chair too :-) And all three work so well with the carpet :-)

  4. Just want to say hi and let you know I always look forward for your new post! It's always inspired me to be 'busy'! Love - Pc