Thursday, 1 December 2011

Home – my refuge


Is where I feel safe, loved, honoured and most comfortable. No matter where I roam, I always feel best at home. 

When I saw this quote, it felt perfect for how I feel when I walk in my door.

 Home sign I found the quote via Pinterest on Brown Paper Packages

I used a piece of pine, painted in Ralph Lauren Roadster White, cut the vinyl with my cricut, reverse weeded it and painted it in.


  1. Beautiful job! Great quote!!!! You always have such fantastic projects!

  2. Absolutely great quote... need to have this too!

  3. This is exactly how I feel when I walk in! Safe, loved and happy!
    Love the colors. I should so ask Santa for a Circuit!


  4. I am a pillow mass producer also! I envy your white sofa, it'd never fly in my boy filled home. That saying is way too clever.