Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway reminder

My stencil came today! I’m so excited and anxious to get started. I was surprised to see that they also included the roller and the stencil level. How very generous!


So far there are only 19 entries, so compared to some of those “BIG BLOGS” that are hosting the same give away, your odds are much better here :)

Visit this post to enter and good luck. Winner will be announced this Friday.

Just before Christmas I knocked my dining room light down and it broke and blew a fuse! I’m guessing that the wiring shorted. I still needed a light though, as there are no other lights in the room.

I came up with some things that I had around the house to make a new one. It still needs more crystals, but overall I’m happy with my “no cost” light fixture.


To this




  1. You're so resourceful! Love the light AND the cost!

  2. Every time I try to enter your giveaway for the stencil it directs me to a blank page. I subscribe to your blog and I would like to enter for a chance to win. Could this be why you only have 19 entries? I know more people read your blog, so something is not working.