Friday, 20 January 2012

Save a dollar – Pinterest inspired

When I was growing up, a box of tissues was a luxury. With six little girls running around in a northern climate, you can imagine how many boxes we would have needed. We used regular ol’ toilet paper to wipe our noses.
When on Pinterest a while ago, I saw an ingenious idea and had one of those ‘smack my forehead’ moments for not thinking of it myself.
Take a roll of toilet paper and remove the cardboard tube from the center. Find an old tissue box, open it up, insert tissue, pull from the center and glue the box back together.
tissue4tissue3 tissue2
Yes, I can afford a box of tissues, but I feel like a genius using this method :)

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  1. That is genius! I was thinking you were going to say you had to use a hanky, which always grossed me out (I'm a little germaphobic). I like the TP idea!

  2. we never have kleenex either i love TP & this idea!...smacked my head too!

  3. I grew up the same way you did, but now I buy tissues because I got sick of running to the bathroom for TP or leaving rolls of it lying around the house. Seriously, this IS ingenious! :)

  4. Dang! That is genius! I never would of thought of doing that and yet it is so simple.

  5. I just jumped up and made this out of the empty tissue box that was sitting on my dresser! This was a fantastic idea!

  6. My mom gave me a beautiful Kleenex holder, however I am NOT going to buy Kleenex. I think it is a waste of money. So, when I had my cold at Christmas, I had a big, ugly roll of toilet tissue on my nightstand and there it still sits...until I get home tonight. I totally ARE a genius!! Hugs, Jan

  7. You could probably use a small wooden tissue box holder/cover if you want the container to last for a long time :)