Sunday, 20 May 2012

I thought I was lucky

There are three things that I have been looking for that I refuse to pay retail price for; a camera tripod, a mailbox (mine was damaged by the mailman), and some swivel casters to make a furniture dolly.

I went to a few yard sales yesterday, which is not my favourite thing to do, but it was a good way to pass an hour. I found a tripod for $5, my luck was beginning Smile  Hopefully my photos won’t be so blurry from now on, except for this one of course LOL


Then I went to GW today and found the swivel casters that I’ve been looking for, for $4!


Lastly I went to the grocery store to pick up some pina colada mix for the pool party I’m going to this afternoon, and realized that at some point I’ve lost my debit card Sad smile  My luck has run out.

I came home and checked online to see where was the last place I have used it, and it was at the same grocery store that I was at already, so now I have to go back and hopefully it is there.

Ah well, there is a wonderful party waiting for me in an hours time. Happy Sunday all.

*updated to add, I found the card at the grocery store*


  1. I'd say overall you were pretty lucky indeed. That is a fine looking tripod! I went to a pool party today too! Well actually I just helped my parents open their pool, which involves dead frogs and slime, and is not really a party at all. But it's worth it to have use of the pool all summer. Hope you found your card!

  2. You were lucky (for the most part!). Great finds! I hope you find your debit card and that you had fun at the party!

  3. Now, you should consider it's a lucky day after all!

  4. whoot whoot for the triple score!!!!!

  5. Sounds like a pretty lucky day of finds! :) I hope the pool party turns out great!