Thursday, 31 May 2012

I’m still here…

I have run out of motivation to do any real work, and instead have been enjoying the wonderful weather. I’ve attended a couple of parties, helped two friends stage their homes for sale, entertained two of my sisters and generally have had a grand ol’ time :)

I did manage to capture a few of the little things that I’ve done lately.

I added some lace trim to a pair of shorts, for my daughter.


Picked up a few things while junkin’. Anyone know what this is?  My son thinks it might be the Buddhist symbol for fire.


An Ikea frame, ho hum, but the prints inside are adorable.


I bought two of these Toronto Maple Leaf plaques from the dollar store. They are already ready to hang, I just added some paper and elephant cut outs.



So that’s it. Enjoying myself and hope you are too.


  1. Hi Mel! Glad to hear from you and happy to know you are enjoying the springtime. I have a little project I'm working on that is 100% inspired by you. I'll show you soon!

  2. Way to go Mel - relax & enjoy!! I don't think I know how to relax anymore!!! lol


  3. i love the elephants! and that is a symbol for fertility, so watch out.... ha ha! kidding! i have no idea what it is.

  4. Yay for kicking back and having some fun :D
    Here's to more of the same whoot whoot!