Friday, 18 May 2012

Trouble pinning from Blogger blogs

Earlier today, Linda from It All Started with Paint emailed me to say that she tried to pin from my blog and received the following message:

pinterest error

I sent an email to the Pinterest team, but haven’t  received a response. Since then I’ve done some investigating and have found that I cannot pin from any Blogger blog!  If you are trying to pin from a Blogger blog, are you experiencing the same problem?


  1. I pinned something from a blogger blog earlier this evening...didn't run into any problems. I don't know if that helps at all!

  2. Hey Mel, I'm having all kinds of trouble pinning today - they must be making changes again! Even blogger isn't working all that well for me today. I think I'll just shut it down and go play in the sun :) It's a sign!!

  3. i can pin from your blog...sometimes i think pinterest is working on their site and we get invalid messages. hope you figure out the problem.

  4. Hi Mel I tried pinning from your site this afternoon and had no trouble pinning your beautiful dresser from this week... so it's pinned!