Thursday, 3 January 2013

Upholstered parson chairs

It wasn’t too long ago that I updated my dining room with fabric, but I have decided that I no longer want as much green as an accent colour in my home. I have already made slip covers for my parson chairs in white so another colour was due.

This is the direction I am going in…blues and creams and greys and touches of green, all very natural.


Making the covers was simple but time consuming. I started with a new pair of Lenda curtains from Ikea that I picked up at the thrfit store for $20.  I really like the blue of them; like a well worn men’s chambray dress shirt.

I took the chairs apart and basically followed what was already there (bi-cast leather).
To make the top slip cover, I draped the fabric over top and pinned down each side.  Sew up the sides, trim to 1/4” and then sew the top corners straight across. This is all the sewing involved, easy peasy.


The seat was covered and stapled on and the chairs put back together.  My existing white slipcovers still fit over top, so I can have two different looks.

I’m saying goodbye to the green roman shade as soon as I decide what I want to put up there. Eventually I will refinish my table, but if there is one job I hate, it’s painting furniture.
Happy new year all!


  1. i love the soft blue! i covered parsons chairs once with the help of my mom- we made 6 covers .... not SO bad, but getting them on after was hard! :)

  2. Pretty colour! Smart idea too - having 2 choices.

  3. Beautiful colour and great job! Love the fresh, new look!

  4. That job is way over my skill set but I love your results! That soft blue is so soothing, I love how it sets off the rest of your dining room!

  5. Mel, your slip covers look so professional. I never would have guessed that you didn't pay top dollar for them. Well done, and I like your color choice. Can't wait to see the rest of the room when you get done!


  6. They look wonderful! Love the color palette.

  7. fresh! love the color and I can see where you're going with it. I just know you'll find something amazing to replace the amazing already there :)

  8. This make over is incredible. Once again I am Inspired to keep looking at curtains and sheets as sources of fabric. Love the new infusion of blue into your colour scheme.